Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Amnesia is the best policy...

Just to show that I never deviate from my mission, I thought I'd blog even though it's Christmas Day.

The day began well enough. A crisp frosty morning - perfect for a 90 minute ride on my single speed mountain bike. Apart from a small armada of dogs being walked by owners without dog-leads, there was hardly a soul around.

Fully awake, I then visited my mother and ate so much food that I returned to an even greater state of drowsiness. As I sit around now listening to Matthew Shipp, a thought has just occurred to me: What could be better for Christmas Day than a link to a piece I wrote on the role of memory in improvised music?

Probably many things could be better than a link to this piece on the role of memory in improvised music, but I've done it anyway. Never let it be said that this blog is not in the business of courting popularity.

If the BBC can show Finding Nemo and Her Majesty The Queen, I can make populist concessions too.

Merry Christmas!!

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The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

congrats on the single speed! hope your knees are up to it!!!