Friday, 19 October 2007

New bike - what have I done...!!!

In an act of insanity that I'm quite proud of, I traded my beloved Cannondale 'Black Lightning' road bike for an almost as beautiful Litespeed titanium Mountain Bike. A rash act, and a very hard decision to make, but in the end I think it will prove to be the right one. Not only does the new bike balance out the collection nicely, it gives me far more options and I now have a bike for all occasions.

The Cannondale was old, never a good thing with thin walled aluminium, and I certainly hammered it while I had it. It was a magnificent luxury, but as I already have a Merlin Works CR 6/4 with full Dura Ace and recently acquired a Ridley Eos as an all out winter trainer with full mudguards (I've named it Battleship Potemkin because of its colour and weight!), I was tripping over my roadbikes.

I got a good part-ex deal on a new Litespeed Obed, and to make it more of a challenge to ride I've stuck a rigid fork on it. For the time being it is geared, but I may well make it single-speed soon.

I can think of quite a few farm tracks that I just can't wait to let her loose on, and with the weekend ahead, no prizes for guessing what I'll be doing. Does it sound like I'm still trying to justify this deal to myself?

Here are a few pics of her before the first ride - if I find some decent mud I may even take some more when I get home...!!!


manmonkey said...

You've done the right thing that's what you've done!

That's a thing of great beauty - make sure you treat it right.

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

Wow, you go out of town for a few days and the next thing you know, Ferdinand has a ti, rigid, mountain bike in his stable. Very nice looking ride! I've never owned ti, but I figure it's the perfect material for rigid riding. On a side note, I hung out with Litespeed's marketing director (Herbert Krabel) last year on Christmas Eve. He married the daughter of a violinist who was playing a Christmas Eve gig with me. The Litespeed dude was German, imposing, a former national mountain bike champion, and mildly worried about my predilection for soda pop "So much sugar izzz not good for za bike riding. Yah?" Enjoy the new ride!

Frédito said...

That beast is good looking !