Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Happily ever after...

I happened to find myself at a wedding last Saturday, or should say that I was lucky enough to be invited to attend such a special occasion. Normally I avoid these events like the plague, but this was Johnny, my old training partner, the lad I cycled with several times a week come rain or come shine, 52 weeks in the year, keeping each other motivated over thousands of miles with a bit of healthy competition.

The wedding was in a beautiful setting, Chillingham Castle in the border region of Northumberland. The castle its self is said to be haunted, and certainly after the sun had gone down it had a slightly spooky feel to it.

The ceremony its self avoided any religious content, offering a nicely chosen reading from Plato and some sincere and realistic vows. The gentle background music provided by a lone Northumbrian Piper set just the right tone, and proved that bagpipes needn't always grate on the ears.

Largely bored with mingling, I took the opportunity to get some unofficial wedding photographs using my trusty 'phone. Not the usual photo album-type shots, they nevertheless give me quite a strong impression of the day when I look at them now. Good luck to Johnny and Gill, and I hope to see them both out on the roads riding a tandem before too long...

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