Saturday, 30 June 2007

Surgery: a face-lift perhaps?

The observant amongst you will notice that this page has undergone a visual face-lift in the last 24 hours. I like the toned-down look, it's just less...loud.

The painting is by Sonia Delaunay and a print of it has hung in my home for over 10 years. Gone is the album art from Afric Pepperbird, but I suppose if you need to ask how the blog got it's name, you'll never know (to paraphrase Louis Armstrong - sadly a stranger to the world of blogging).

I also like the small pearl of wisdom from Voltaire. It really sums up what this page is about. In the strictest sense all of the things I write about are superfluous, but to me they are very, very necessary - the things that make life worth the effort.

I also hope from hereon to make more use of links like the one to the mass pile-up in Pinerolo, embedded in today's cycling feature. The clip somehow reminds me of my last road race. Out front in a breakaway of three riders, 20 miles to go, I slid off in wet conditions, got hideous amounts of gravel rash, jumped back on the bike, finished 6th, then went straight to hospital to get cleaned up - ouch!!

Hope you like it, and as ever, a big thanks for dropping by to look...


GB said...

The face lift looks great Fred! However, I feel I must add another great quote by Voltaire, you know, for balance:
"A witty saying proves nothing."


Ferdinand said...

And I always liked this one:

To succeed in the world it is not enough to be stupid, you must also be well-mannered.

Time I re-read Candide!!