Monday, 9 April 2007

Point Of Departure

Well, here it is. My first blog. The intention is to share things, be it reviews I've written for magazines, soundfiles that excite me (if I'm brave enough to risk having my page closed down!!), photographs I've taken, thoughts on questions that matter, and predictions for this year's Tour De France...

Sound too eclectic? It probably is, but hopefully there's something for everybody who knows me, or gets to know me. I don't know where this will go or how long it will last, but as long as I enjoy doing it then it will continue.

The main focus will almost certainly be jazz, and the CDs I've reviewed and had published elsewhere. Not everybody will have access to the original magazines, some buried in the depths of time, so it strikes me as a good use of the web. I may even go back to the 'Avant' and 'Rubberneck' days and unearth my earliest and clumsiest attempts at musical journalism. Even if only a handful of people ever read this blog, I get an archive for my own use, so what's to lose?

I absolutely love disagreement, so feel free to tell me where I've gone wrong or missed the point. Too much jazz criticism is tame and blinkered. Although I try always to judge a CD from the perspective of the audience it is aimed at, I'm not frightened to throw in ideas from leftfield.

There's no jazz in this first posting, other than in the name of the blog, which is taken from the classic Garbarek/Rypdal session that still defines much of my listening. Oh, and there's also a photograph taken in a Cape Town jazz club further down the page.

I'm sure a more structured pattern to the blog will emerge, so bear with me. To keep this first post from being too dull, and to share with my friends, photographs from my recent travels to South Africa are included.

Enjoy, suscribe, feed back....


hackensack said...

Good start, Ferdinand! I look forward to seeing how this evolves and will be checking back regularly.

I enjoyed looking at your photos - South Africa appears to be as stunning as everyone says, though Platteklip Gorge sounds a bit scary!

Jane says "More pics, please!"

manmonkey said...

Yup... sure is a good start. The pictures "flight" and "fishing" are great. Flight has some lovely textures in it and the curve of the wing through the window is very interesting. You capture the contrast of the boats and their ability to plunder the ocean, quite literally scraping sea bed until it's devoid of life, with the solitude and natural beauty of the water.
Not sure about all the jazz though!